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Free Download Skype

"With Free Download Skype you can make video calls with excellent image quality, voice calls with unmatched sound and instant messages to all your contacts that have Skype installed on your PC or mobile devices "

Skype is software that enables video calls, voice calls and text communications from your PC or mobile device to all your contacts that have Skype installed on your PC or mobile.

In the event that one of our contacts haven't installed this application, we can call him at affordable prices.

Perhaps the main drawback of Skype is that you have to pay if you want to include several people in your video chats.

Free Download Skype, and communicate with your contacts anywhere in the world.

Free Download and Install Skype on PC

First of all we have to create a Skype account, Microsoft or Facebook. To do this we must go to the following address: .

In order to install Skype on the PC, first we have to go to the home page of Skype, free download Skype and save it in a folder.

Then open the folder where you have saved the installation file and double click on the file SkypeSetup.exe.

It opens a new window and we click on "Run". Select the language and accept the terms of use to Download Skype Free.

 Free Download Skype video calls

We have to wait a few minutes while installing Skype and end appears logon window.

In the Welcome window or logon, put our username and password, and then click in "Login". The first time you run free download Skype, we have to configure the sound and video in order to make voice calls and video calls. Once configured, click on "Continue".

We check the sound and performance of your webcam. If everything is correct, press "Continue" again.

Finally add a photo to your profile, click on "Start using Skype" and you can start using this application.

With all these steps done, we could free download Skype.

How to create an account on Skype

To create a Skype account have to enter the account creation page whose address we provided above.

Complete the form with our name, last name, email, username and password for Skype. Once you have entered all data, press the Accept and Continue button and can free download Skype and later install.

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Search and add contacts in Skype

In order to communicate with other Skype users you add them to your contact list. The steps you need to take to get your contacts in the Skype directory are:

  • Click the Contacts tab, and then select Add a Contact > Search the Skype directory

  • Find your contact in the box under "Find People on Skype" and click on him. Being the first time you use Skype appears a message that is not yet in your contact list and then you must click on "Add to Contacts".

  • A window opens, click "Submit" to send a contact request and wait for your contact to accept the request.

  • Repeat for all the contacts you want to add. All the contacts you've added will appear in the "Contacts" tab. If contact has not yet accepted the request, the Skype symbol is grayed. If he have already accepted, but not online, appears symbol white and the green border. By contrast, if it has accepted you and is in line, a symbol of green color appears with a white check inside.

How make a call

Free Download Skype Tablet

First we have to select one of our contacts and when we want to end the call press the red button. During the process we can choose three options: Call, Video Call and Text Message.

  • Button Call: To make a voice call

  • Button Video Call: To make a video call and voice. Both users must have a webcam on your Smartphone.

  • Button Text Message: To send text messages to your contacts. It is the box which is on the bottom of the screen.

Create an Account of Skype

  • The first step is to enter the page for creating Skype accounts.

  • Fill the form with our name and surname, email, username and password for Skype.

  • Then press the "OK" button to create your account.

  • Once the account is created, run the application on the mobile device or PC and we enter our username and password.

Since version 6 of Skype, we can also log in with a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook) or Facebook.

Change the Connection Status

Another feature offered by Skype is the ability to change the connection status. We can have the following states: Online, Away, Busy, Invisible and Offline.

To change the status we go to the File Menu within Skype interface, click "Change State" and select the state that we wish: Online, Away, Busy, Invisible and Offline.

Alternative Skype

There are other apps in the market for voice and video calls to be made competition to Skype. Each has its own characteristics and the most interesting are:

  • Google Hangouts: It is the videoconferencing service Google+. You can make video calls and chat with several friends simultaneously.